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2017-11-07Require ngettext in test of system gettext implementationAlan Modra
2015-08-31Regen intl/configureAlan Modra
2015-08-06Yaakov Selkowitz: fixes for in-tree libiconvDJ Delorie
2015-07-24Remove leading/trailing white spaces in ChangeLogH.J. Lu
2010-09-27merge from gccDJ Delorie
2010-09-27Fix unportable shell quoting.Ralf Wildenhues
2010-04-05merge from gccDJ Delorie
2009-10-152009-10-15 Jim Blandy <>Tristan Gingold
2009-08-24Sync from GCC: Update AC_PREREQ entries to 2.64.Ralf Wildenhues
2009-08-22merge from gccDJ Delorie
2009-07-30intl/Ralf Wildenhues
2008-06-18merge from gccDJ Delorie
2008-06-16merge from gccDJ Delorie
2008-04-18merge from gccDJ Delorie
2008-03-17 * m4_include config/proginstall.m4.Ralf Wildenhues
2006-09-27merge from gccDJ Delorie
2006-09-13merge from gccDJ Delorie
2006-06-07 * (install-info, install-dvi, install-ps, install-pdf):Daniel Jacobowitz
2006-05-24merge from gccDJ Delorie
2006-05-222006-05-22 Steve Ellcey <>Steve Ellcey
2006-04-062006-04-06 Carlos O'Donell <>Carlos O'Donell
2006-02-27bfd/doc/Carlos O'Donell
2005-05-13Update the address and telephone number of the FSF organizationNick Clifton
2004-11-30Change LOCALEDIR to $(datadir)/share.Nick Clifton
2002-01-21comment typo fixesAlan Modra
2001-11-29* Import GNU gettext 0.10.35.Ben Elliston
1999-06-02Shouldn't have escaped.Richard Henderson
1999-05-0319990502 sourceware importbinu_ss_19990502Richard Henderson