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2018-01-13Add note about 2.30 branch creation to changelogsNick Clifton
2018-01-11ld: Add "-z separate-code" option to ELF linkerH.J. Lu
2018-01-04RISC-V: Add 2 missing privileged registers.Jim Wilson
2018-01-03Update year range in copyright notice of binutils filesAlan Modra
2018-01-03ChangeLog rotationAlan Modra
2018-01-02Update copyright year range in all GDB filesJoel Brobecker
2017-12-28RISC-V: Add missing privileged spec registers.Jim Wilson
2017-12-19Correct disassembly of dot product instructions.Tamar Christina
2017-12-19Add support for V_4B so we can properly reject it.Tamar Christina
2017-12-11Add plugin API for processing plugin-added input filesStephen Crane
2017-12-01Use consistent types for holding instructions, instruction masks, etc.Peter Bergner
2017-11-24Re-apply "elf: Properly compute offsets of note descriptor and next note"H.J. Lu
2017-11-24Revert "elf: Properly compute offsets of note descriptor and next note"Simon Marchi
2017-11-24elf: Properly compute offsets of note descriptor and next noteH.J. Lu
2017-11-16Add new AArch64 FP16 FM{A|S} instructions.Tamar Christina
2017-11-15Separate the new FP16 instructions backported from Armv8.4-a to Armv8.2-a int...Tamar Christina
2017-11-13PE: don't corrupt section flags when linking from ELF objectsJan Beulich
2017-11-09Enable the Dot Product extension by default for Armv8.4-a.Tamar Christina
2017-11-09Adds the new Fields and Operand types for the new instructions in Armv8.4-a.Tamar Christina
2017-11-09Split the ARM Crypto ISA extensions for AES and SHA1+2 into their own options...Tamar Christina
2017-11-09Change the type of the aarch64_feature_set typedef to unsigned long long so t...Nick Clifton
2017-11-08Split the AArch64 Crypto instructions for AES and SHA1+2 into their own optio...Nick Clifton
2017-11-08Adds command line support for Armv8.4-A, via the new command line option -mar...Jiong Wang
2017-11-07RISC-V: Add satp as an alias for sptbrPalmer Dabbelt
2017-11-07This patch similarly to the AArch64 one enables Dot Product support by defaul...Tamar Christina
2017-11-02aarch64: Remove AARCH64_FEATURE_F16 from AARCH64_ARCH_V8_2Siddhesh Poyarekar
2017-11-01FT32B is a new FT32 family member. It has a code compression scheme, which re...James Bowman
2017-10-25PR22348, conflicting global vars in crx and cr16Alan Modra
2017-10-24RISC-V: Only relax to C.LUI when imm != 0 and rd != 0/2Andrew Waterman
2017-10-12FT32: support for FT32B processor - part 1James Bowman
2017-10-05Handle FreeBSD-specific AT_EHDRFLAGS and AT_HWCAP auxiliary vector types.John Baldwin
2017-09-22LVU: dump loclists with locviewsAlexandre Oliva
2017-09-15Sync libiberty/ & include/ with GCCPedro Alves
2017-09-11nds32: Rename __BIT() to N32_BIT().Kuan-Lin Chen
2017-09-05Missing relocation R_PPC_VLE_ADDR20 and add VLE flag to details in readelfAlexander Fedotov-B55613
2017-08-24[PowerPC VLE] Add SPE2 and EFS2 instructions supportAlexander Fedotov
2017-08-23compile: Add 'set compile-gcc'Jan Kratochvil
2017-08-23compile: set debug compile: Display GCC driver filenameJan Kratochvil
2017-08-21[PowerPC VLE] Add LSP (Lightweight Signal Processing) instruction supportAlexander Fedotov
2017-08-16Add new NT_PPC_* available since Linux 4.8Gustavo Romero
2017-08-06Treat common symbol as undefined for --no-define-commonH.J. Lu
2017-07-31Fix compile time error when using ansidecl.h with an old version of GCC.Nick Clifton
2017-07-19[ARC] Add SJLI instruction.Claudiu Zissulescu
2017-07-19[ARC] Add JLI support.John Eric Martin
2017-07-18Fix spelling typos.Yuri Chornovian
2017-07-14binutils/objdump: Fix disassemble for huge elf sectionsRavi Bangoria
2017-07-07Recognize the recently-added FreeBSD core dump note for LWP info.John Baldwin
2017-07-02Import include/+libiberty/ r249883 from upstream GCC.Jan Kratochvil
2017-06-30Add support for a __gcc_isr pseudo isntruction to the AVR assembler.Georg-Johann Lay
2017-06-30MIPS: Fix XPA base and Virtualization ASE instruction handlingMaciej W. Rozycki