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2018-01-13Add note about 2.30 branch creation to changelogsNick Clifton
2018-01-03Update year range in copyright notice of binutils filesAlan Modra
2018-01-03ChangeLog rotationAlan Modra
2017-09-21oops - changelog entry omitted from previous deltaNick Clifton
2017-09-18[PATCH] Sync libiberty/ & include/ with GCC - addendum: update elfcpp/dwarf.h...Nick Clifton
2017-08-29[GOLD] PowerPC tls_get_addr_optimizeAlan Modra
2017-07-28gold: Add put_ch_reserved to 64-bit Chdr_writeH.J. Lu
2017-07-03[GOLD] undef after using DW_IDX and friendsAlan Modra
2017-07-03Repair include/dwarf2.def breakageAlan Modra
2017-06-26Add pgste marker changelogAndreas Krebbel
2017-06-23[GOLD] PowerPC64 localentry:0 plt call optimizationAlan Modra
2017-06-23S/390: Add support for pgste markerAndreas Krebbel
2017-01-02Update year range in copyright notice of all files.Alan Modra
2017-01-02ChangeLog rotationAlan Modra
2016-12-31Add PRU ELF ID to elfcppDimitar Dimitrov
2016-06-20Add support for MIPS .rld_map section.Vladimir Radosavljevic
2016-06-20Add support for Mips32r6 and Mips64r6.Vladimir Radosavljevic
2016-06-11Add support for .MIPS.abiflags and .gnu.attributes sections.Vladimir Radosavljevic
2016-03-18Remove is_n64_ data member from Mips_relobj class.Vladimir Radosavljevic
2016-01-12Remove typename from Mips64_rela_dataH.J. Lu
2016-01-12Fix compile error with use of 'typename' outside of template.H.J. Lu
2016-01-11Refactor gold to enable support for MIPS-64 relocation format.Cary Coutant
2016-01-01Copyright update for binutilsAlan Modra
2016-01-01New 2016 binutils ChangeLog filesAlan Modra
2016-01-01binutils ChangeLog rotationAlan Modra
2015-12-30Fix assorted ChangeLog errorsAlan Modra
2015-12-07[GOLD] R_PPC64_ENTRY supportAlan Modra
2015-11-11Add assembler, disassembler and linker support for power9.Peter Bergner
2015-10-28Add s390 backend.Marcin Kościelnicki
2015-10-22Gold: Don't fail on R_X86_64_[REX_]GOTPCRELX relocationsH.J. Lu
2015-10-22Gold: Don't fail on R_386_GOT32X relocationH.J. Lu
2015-10-13Add EM_IAMCU support to goldH.J. Lu
2015-10-04Change ch_type to Elf_Word in struct Chdr_data<64>H.J. Lu
2015-04-08Add chdr_size, Chdr, Chdr_write and Chdr_dataH.J. Lu
2015-04-08Add SHF_COMPRESSED and ELFCOMPRESS_XXX to elfcpp.hH.J. Lu
2015-04-07Add AArch32 support for arm gold linker.Han Shen
2015-02-17[gold] Recognize DWARF5/GCC5 DW_LANG_Fortran03 and DW_LANG_Fortran08.Mark Wielaard
2015-01-29This patch adds IFUNC support for arm gold backend.Han Shen
2015-01-02ChangeLog rotatation and copyright year updateAlan Modra
2014-12-25ARM: Add support for value 3 of Tag_ABI_VFP_args attributeAlan Modra
2014-09-17Add tls support to gold aarch64 backend.Jing Yu
2014-09-15Add support for MIPS R6.Andrew Bennett
2014-09-02Make Elf_file::section_name() a const function, so that it can be used inCary Coutant
2014-08-08gold aarch64 patch to enable linking hello_wolrd.Jing Yu
2014-07-29[MIPS] Implement O32 FPXX, FP64 and FP64A ABI extensionsMatthew Fortune
2014-07-022014-07-02 Jing Yu <>Jing Yu
2014-06-23gold/Sasa Stankovic
2014-04-22Remove support for the (deprecated) openrisc and or32 configurations and replaceChristian Svensson
2014-04-152014-04-15 Sasa Stankovic <>Cary Coutant
2014-03-05Update copyright yearsAlan Modra