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2018-01-13Update notes on how to make a releaseNick Clifton
2018-01-10oops - updates to ChangeLog omitted by accident from previous delta.Nick Clifton
2018-01-10Update top level configure files by synchronizing them with gcc.Nick Clifton
2017-12-14Update the address of the FSF in the copyright notice of files which were usi...Nick Clifton
2017-12-12Add gdb for or1k buildStafford Horne
2017-09-15Add -l option to src-release script.Nick Clifton
2017-09-15Enable/disable various dirs in src-release.shAlan Modra
2017-09-14Add enable-gold and enable-ld to src-releasematt rice
2017-04-13 * config.sub: Sync with master version in config project.Andrew Jenner
2017-04-03 IA16 supportAndrew Jenner
2017-03-22Sync top level config files with master versions in the FSF config project.Nick Clifton
2017-01-23Sync top-level make and configure files with FSF GCC mainline versions.Nick Clifton
2016-12-31Import config.subAlan Modra
2016-12-08sync binutils config/ with gccAlan Modra
2016-12-02Add support for Fushia OS.Josh Conner
2016-11-07Sync config.sub,config.guess with upstream.Doug Evans
2016-09-27Add archives and make stamps to the .gitignore file.Simon Marchi
2016-07-20Enable the configuration of GDB for the NDS32 target.Yan-Ting Lin
2016-06-28[TILEPro] Don't build gdbWalter Lee
2016-05-28Add dependencies to configure ruleAlan Modra
2016-05-27Fix typo introduced during the most recent synchronization update.Nick Clifton
2016-05-23Sync config.guess and config.sub with FSF GCC mainline versionsNick Clifton
2016-04-19Sync Makefile.tpl with gcc.Nick Clifton
2016-03-17Add mips and s390 build targets for gold.Cary Coutant
2016-02-10Sync top level files with gcc.Nick Clifton
2016-01-12Sync top-level btool.m4 with GCCH.J. Lu
2016-01-12Sync top-level Makefile.def with GCCH.J. Lu
2016-01-11Import changes made to files shared with the FSF GCC project.Nick Clifton
2015-11-20binutils: add support for arm-*-darwin and aarch64-*-darwin.Tristan Gingold
2015-10-21Reset x86 Linux targets to not compressing debug sections by default. Enable...Nick Clifton
2015-10-20Add --enable-compressed-debug-sections={all,gas,gold,ld}H.J. Lu
2015-09-30Resync files in the binutils repository that are maintained in the gcc reposi...Nick Clifton
2015-08-07Sync config.sub and config.guess with GCCH.J. Lu
2015-08-06Yaakov Selkowitz: fixes for in-tree libiconvDJ Delorie
2015-07-27Sync toplevel files with GCCH.J. Lu
2015-07-24Remove leading/trailing white spaces in ChangeLogH.J. Lu
2015-07-14Sync Makefile.tpl with GCCH.J. Lu
2015-07-14Sync toplevel configure with GCCH.J. Lu
2015-07-14Sync toplevel with GCCH.J. Lu
2015-06-30Sync toplevel configure with gccH.J. Lu
2015-06-24Sync libiberty from GCC, replaying updates to configure scriptsIain Buclaw
2015-05-13Disable the configuration of GDB for HPUX targets.John David Anglin
2015-05-01Configure zlib with --enable-host-shared for shared bfdH.J. Lu
2015-04-15Fix typo in last ChangeLog.Hans-Peter Nilsson
2015-04-15Adjust for sim using the gdb Nilsson
2015-04-01Add --with-system-zlib to top level configureH.J. Lu
2015-03-31Add missing ChangeLog entryH.J. Lu
2015-03-31Replace src-release with src-release.shH.J. Lu
2015-03-30Update config.guess and config.sub to the latest upstream versionEd Schouten
2015-03-30Make all-bfd depend on all-zlibH.J. Lu