AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-09language_get_symbol_name_matcher -> get_symbol_name_matcherusers/palves/literal-matchingPedro Alves
2018-01-09Ada: make verbatim matcher override other language matchers (PR gdb/22670)Pedro Alves
2018-01-05Fix gdb.ada/complete.exp's "complete break ada" test (PR gdb/22670)Pedro Alves
2018-01-05Fix gdb.ada/bp_c_mixed_case.exp (PR gdb/22670)Pedro Alves
2018-01-05Fix gdb/spu-tdep.c build breakagePedro Alves
2018-01-05Fix regresssion(internal-error) printing subprogram argument (PR gdb/22670)Pedro Alves
2018-01-05Fix gdb.ada/info_addr_mixed_case.exp (PR gdb/22670)Pedro Alves
2018-01-05(Ada) problem printing renaming which references a subprogram parameterJoel Brobecker
2018-01-05(Ada) Fix Length attribute on array accessJerome Guitton
2018-01-05memory error printing component of record from convenience variableJoel Brobecker
2018-01-05fix date of latest gdb/ChangeLog entryJoel Brobecker
2018-01-04Fix email address in latest gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog entryJoel Brobecker
2018-01-04(Ada) Remove printing of array's first index when unneededXavier Roirand
2018-01-05Update NEWS post GDB 8.1 branch creation.Joel Brobecker
2018-01-05Bump version to 8.1.50.DATE-git.Joel Brobecker
2018-01-05Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-04RISC-V: Add 2 missing privileged registers.Jim Wilson
2018-01-04gdb.ada/maint_with_ada.exp: New testcaseJoel Brobecker
2018-01-04Add new gdb.ada/bp_c_mixed_case testcase for PR gdb/22670Joel Brobecker
2018-01-04Add "complete break ada" test to gdb.ada/complete.expJoel Brobecker
2018-01-04Add gdb.ada/info_addr_mixed_case new testcaseJoel Brobecker
2018-01-04Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-03Create pseudo sections for FreeBSD NT_PROCSTAT_(PROC|FILES|VMMAP) notes.John Baldwin
2018-01-03Fix compile time warning introduced by previous delta.Nick Clifton
2018-01-03Add support for v3 binary annotation notes.Nick Clifton
2018-01-03(Ada) New command to stop at start of exception handler.Xavier Roirand
2018-01-03Update year range in copyright notice of binutils filesAlan Modra
2018-01-03ChangeLog rotationAlan Modra
2018-01-03Unbreak spurious fails in gdb.base/step-line.expJoel Brobecker
2018-01-03Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-02Fix compile time warning (in the ARM simulator) about a print statement with ...Nick Clifton
2018-01-02Fix typo in do_mrs function in ARM assembler.Nick Clifton
2018-01-02x86: partial revert of 10c17abdd0Jan Beulich
2018-01-01[gdb/Ada] slices of arrays with dynamic stridesJoel Brobecker
2018-01-01Add support for dynamic DW_AT_byte_stride.Joel Brobecker
2018-01-01treat Ada DW_TAG_unspecified_type DIEs as stub typesJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02Update copyright year range in all GDB filesJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02gdb/ Remove testsuite/gdb.base/step-line.{c,inp} special handlingJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02gdb/ Do not forget to remind about MULTIPLE_COPYRIGHT_HEADERSJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02Update copyright year in version message of GDB, GDBserver and GDBreplayJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02Yearly rotation of the gdb/ChangeLog fileJoel Brobecker
2018-01-02Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-01Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2017-12-31Avoid indexing std::vector past the endRuslan Kabatsayev
2017-12-30Only ignore -Wenum-compare-switch if it existsSimon Marchi
2017-12-30dwarf2read: Silence -Wenum-compare-switch warningSimon Marchi
2017-12-30C++-ify parser_stateTom Tromey
2017-12-31Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2017-12-30Make mapped_debug_names and mapped_index finalSimon Marchi
2017-12-29Ignore warning about using different types of enums in switchSimon Marchi