AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-17Remove symbolp typedefHEADmasterTom Tromey
2018-01-17Remove objfile argument from add_dyn_propTom Tromey
2018-01-17Change dwarf2_cu::method_info to be a std::vectorTom Tromey
2018-01-17Allocate dwarf2_cu with newSimon Marchi
2018-01-17Allocate abbrev_table with newTom Tromey
2018-01-17Unify new_symbol and new_symbol_fullTom Tromey
2018-01-17Fix ChangeLog dates of previous commitSimon Marchi
2018-01-17Fix gdb segv when objfile can't be openedMike Gulick
2018-01-17Make linux_ptrace_attach_fail_reason return an std::stringSimon Marchi
2018-01-17linux-nat: Remove unnecessary xstrdupSimon Marchi
2018-01-17Replace CET bit with IBT and SHSTK bits.Igor Tsimbalist
2018-01-17Update Ukranian and Russian translations in bfd libraryNick Clifton
2018-01-17configure: Fix test for fs_base/gs_base in <sys/user.h>Eldar Abusalimov
2018-01-17Don't pass -m64 to libcc1 on aarch64-linux.Yao Qi
2018-01-17Relax gdb.compile/compile.exp to match the address printed for frameYao Qi
2018-01-17Warning fixAlan Modra
2018-01-17PowerPC PLT speculative execution barriersAlan Modra
2018-01-17PowerPC PLT stub tidyAlan Modra
2018-01-17Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-16binutils release procedure: Add AI to update branch name in crontabJoel Brobecker
2018-01-16Update translations for various binutils components.Nick Clifton
2018-01-16Remove trailing spaces in binutils/README-how-to-make-a-releaseJoel Brobecker
2018-01-16Mark register unavailable when PTRACE_PEEKUSER failsYao Qi
2018-01-16Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-15RISC-V: Add support for addi that compresses to c.nop.Jim Wilson
2018-01-15gdb/common/signals-state-save-restore.c: Fix typosPedro Alves
2018-01-15Fix scm-ports.exp regressionTom Tromey
2018-01-15Fix -fuse-ld option to accept string argument.Cary Coutant
2018-01-15[ARM] Add new macro for Thumb-only opcodesThomas Preud'homme
2018-01-15[ARM] Enable conditional Armv8-M instructionsThomas Preud'homme
2018-01-15[ARM] No IT usage deprecation for ARMv8-MThomas Preud'homme
2018-01-15Fix gdb.texinfo moreSzabolcs Nagy
2018-01-15Update Ukranian translations for bfd, binutils, gas, gold, ld and opcodesNick Clifton
2018-01-15Fix gdb.texinfo for old makeinfo (again)Szabolcs Nagy
2018-01-15Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-14Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-13Update notes on how to make a releaseNick Clifton
2018-01-13Update pot filesNick Clifton
2018-01-13Bump version number to 2.30.51Nick Clifton
2018-01-13Add note about 2.30 branch creation to changelogsNick Clifton
2018-01-13Add 2.30 markers to NEWS files.Nick Clifton
2018-01-12Update gold version number to 1.15.Cary Coutant
2018-01-13Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator
2018-01-12gdb/testsuite: Don't attempt tests if they fail to compileAndrew Burgess
2018-01-12Install and generate docs for gdb-add-indexSergio Durigan Junior
2018-01-12Use the correct value for the offset of 'kve_protection'.John Baldwin
2018-01-12Apply:Eric Christopher
2018-01-12Add testcase for GDB hang fixed by previous commitPedro Alves
2018-01-12Fix GDB hang with remote after error from resumeAndreas Arnez
2018-01-12Add notes on how to make a branch and a pre-release snapshot.Nick Clifton